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Geri Paige Butner Life Coach

Hi, I'm Geri

Life & Business Coach, Speaker

We can design our lives to be whatever we want them to be.


It took me years realize this and then transform my own life into one filled with joy, impact and abundance after a decade of corporate burnout, depression and apathy.

My journey brought me here so I can help you with your own transformation. My purpose is to help people with a dream develop the clarity, mindset, strategy and commitment needed to make that dream their reality.

I have more than a decade of experience as a business leader, marketing expert, speaker and coach. I've spent hundreds of hours in coaching programs, learning and development.


As a life and business coach, I help my clients launch businesses, make major life changes, switch careers, pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Why Work With a Life & Business Coach?

When you work with a coach, you're giving yourself the gift of acting on your intentions, achieving big goals, pursuing your dreams and better aligning your life with what makes you happy. 

When you work with me, you'll get a unique combination of expertise in holistic wellness, personal growth, professional development, and business and marketing strategy. 

 Mindset Mastery

  • Gain clarity on what you really want and why.

  • Combat mental blocks like doubt, fear of judgement, and imposter syndrome.

  • Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs.

  • Learn tools to keep you on track.

  • Build confidence.

Organization & Planning

  • Build a clear, actionable roadmap to achieve goals.

  • Stay focused on what will make an impact.

  • Learn effective time management and productivity practices to prevent overwhelm and burnout.

  • Learn about the tools and resources you need.

  • Feel in control of the pursuit of your goals.

Strategic Action & Accountability

  • Be held accountable and stay on track with the commitments you've made to yourself.

  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to reach your goals with strategic prioritization and execution.

  • Keep your goals top of mind with motivating reminders and check-ins.

Marketing & Business Strategy

  • Gain a deep understanding of marketing principles and build them into your own strategy.

  • Receive expert marketing tips and tricks.

  • Learn how to start and grow your own business in as little as three months.

  • Achieve financial goals.

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Working with Geri was exactly the remedy I needed to gain momentum on my business. I've always been in the kitchen instead of the office, and I felt lost moving forward when building my brand and my online presence. 


Geri gave encouraging, helpful tips to start marketing my offerings outside my immediate circle. She helped me break down my future goals into small, actionable steps that made it easy for me to get the ball rolling. 


What's more, she motivated me to think bigger than I had originally planned. It's clear that she has it all-- the experience, the moxy, and the kindness. I would recommend her to anyone starting their own business!

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