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Starting Your Own Business
is the

Path to Freedom

I spent more than a decade of my life working for startups and corporations. I was great at my job, which was launching startup brands and building businesses from the ground up, but I was spending most of my waking hours working on someone else's vision.

I found that I wasn't very inspired or happy with my work. Not to mention, I barely had time for the things I value most, like self-care, personal growth, travel, and my loved ones.

After spending several unfulfilled years at the top of my industry as Head of Marketing for a tech startup, I finally stepped into my power and took the leap into owning my own business.

It turns out that this was the most transformational thing I've ever done for myself, freeing me to live my life and earn a living on my own terms, doing what I love. 

This is why I created The Business Firestarter.

Let's Start and Grow Your Business

It can be overwhelming, intimidating and confusing to start your own business. Many people don't know where to start or how to organize all of their thoughts into clear, aligned strategy and action. I designed The Business Firestarter framework to demystify and simplify the experience so service-based businesses can launch in just 12 weeks.


What the Firestarters have to say...

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Charlene Valentine

Master Mindset Coach

Signing up with Geri as my coach was one of the best decisions I could ever make in my professional career. I am growing my business at such a fast rate and taking confident leaps in the right direction and I would not otherwise be where I am today if it wasn't for Geri's support. Geri's coaching and support will light your soul on fire. Her coaching will imprint on your soul for a lifetime I guarantee you that.

Geri is fantastic! Not only does she have a wide and valuable breadth of knowledge and killer skills at keeping you on track, she does it all with kindness and clear communication. I could have muddled about for a year trying to figure out all the steps I needed to launch my small business, and still not have gotten everything done. As they say, you don't know what you don't know. Instead I was up and running in 3 months! Well worth being part of my start-up costs, because now I'm booking clients that much sooner. I'm very pleased with her professionalism and genuine caring.

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What's Included?

12 Live Educational & Group Coaching Sessions

10 Bonus Videos from Guest Experts

Weekly Exercises & Step-by-Step Guidance through the Framework

Optional Weekly Coworking Pods

Digital Platform Access for 6 Months After Program End

Pairing with Accountability Partner

Networking Access to Private Firestarter Alumni Group

Live Session Recordings

Meeting with Geri was exactly the remedy I needed to gain momentum on my business. I've always been in the kitchen instead of the office, and I felt lost moving forward when building my brand and my online presence. Geri helped me break down my future goals into small, actionable steps that made it easy for me to get the ball rolling. What's more, she motivated me to think bigger than I had originally planned.  It's clear that she has it all - the experience, the moxy, and the kindness. I would recommend her to anyone starting their business!

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Lauren McGurrin

Herbal & Spiced

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What Clients Have to Say...

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Hi, I'm Geri

I'm a former startup and corporate marketing leader turned successful entrepreneur, and wow do I have a lot to share with you.

I've served as a leader in business strategy, marketing strategy and execution, business development and so much more...

Over the past decade, I've identified the highest-impact strategies, implemented actions that really move the needle, and turned all of my expertise into a business launch framework that actually works.

It is my mission to combine coaching with my business and marketing expertise to help you achieve the freedom you want in life via small business ownership.

Working with Geri was like talking to an old friend who will call you out on the BS stories you've been telling yourself, while encouragingly holding your hand. She helped me work through shadows coming up around money and business. She also mapped out my big ideas and helped show me how to break them down into small actionable steps, taking away the confusion around how and where to begin. I highly recommend working with Geri, she is a firestarter who can help you see and believe how your vision will become a reality!


Jess Della Calce

Human Design Guide

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