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90-Minute breakthrough sessions

Need a breakthrough in work, life or both? You’ve come to the right place. 

how can a Breakthrough Session support me?

Breakthrough Sessions are deep dive intensives that realign you to creating a life and/or work you love. 

This is a path-defining session that will provide motivating mindset coaching and tangible strategies and actions to help you create what you want.

When you book a breakthrough session, you’re giving yourself the gift of 90 minutes of uninterrupted focus on intentionally designing your life.


We will explore what's present for you in a safe container where you will be seen, heard, and supported without judgment.

“I have been feeling stuck professionally and wanted to explore ways of shifting my habits and mindset to allow for a positive change. Geri provided me with a collaborative execution plan, exercises, and the tools needed for me to keep up the excitement and motivation for change.


More importantly, I have a greater outlook on my professional and personal paths, a new found confidence and sense of belief in myself. I came out of the session feeling inspired for action and Geri empowered me to be my biggest advocate for change.


The fire has been lit and this session gave me what I need to keep the blaze going!”

Cory Cedrone

Customer Success Manager


when to book a breakthrough session

Breakthrough Session clients have had successful outcomes in the following areas. 

Making a difficult decision with confidence

Finding direction in career, work, or business

Gaining the confidence and plan to take a leap

Getting started with launching a business

Finding a way out of burnout and overwhelm

Pricing and structuring business offerings

Identifying a path towards fulfillment

Building brand and marketing plans

Gaining clarity on a path forward

Creating business plans and strategies

What Does a Breakthrough Session Include?

90 mins of life and/or business coaching

Goals and strategy or approach

Exercises, tools and resources as needed

Recap email with notes and actions

Actionable roadmap

Accountability check-in

Investment $333

“As a newly graduated coach, I was facing a long list of “first steps” to take to start my business, and I was feeling overwhelmed. I knew a breakthrough session could help me gain clarity on where to start and get me in action, but Geri’s approach did more than that for me!

After our session, I felt like a thick veil had been lifted off my eyes. Geri helped me gain so much clarity and set actions that felt so aligned and so “mine” that it was so easy for me to work on them in the following days.


Geri was able to shift my mindset from “overcomplicating things” to doing the easy little steps that are actually able to bring the first clients to my coaching business.


I felt so grounded and empowered after my breakthrough session with Geri. I recommend Geri to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level in a way that feels aligned, purposeful and efficient.”

Alessandra Moon

Life & Empowerment Coach

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