freedom & fulfillment

Change your life by creating a life and work you love. It's time to feel free, fulfilled, and happy.

Imagine waking up most days without that pit of dread or anxiety in your stomach. How would it feel to go to sleep at night feeling 

fulfilled, happy, and excited about tomorrow? To know that what you truly want in is already with you or just around the corner?

What if I told you that Freedom can be created from the inside-out, the keys to Fulfillment already exist within you, and Happiness can be your daily baseline. After years of coaching men and women towards freedom and fulfillment, here are just a few of the transformations that have been created.

Build community and feel true connection

Feel lighter, more open, and relaxed

Liberation from your playlist of negative thoughts

Powerful reclamation of your time and energy

Exciting expansion into what is possible for you

Release the weight of what holds you back

Develop an unshakeable relationship with self

Transform your world, both inside and out

coaching & support for your mind, body & soul

There's a reason my clients consistently refer to my coaching containers as "life-changing." I offer a balanced mix of coaching and support that leaves no part of you behind. 

Female Bust

mindset coaching

We work with existing thought patterns and beliefs to create new neural pathways in your brain that better align with the experience you want to have with your world.

Beige Podium

intuitive insight

As a certified reiki healer, trained intuitive, and attuned coach, I am able to better see you and meet you where you're at. I am committed to connecting you with your truth.

Shadow on the Wall

deep support

I hold deep space for my clients, providing a safe container to feel your truth, be with the emotions you may not otherwise connect with, and move through what's present for you.

Geometric Curved Podium

path building

Receive actionable steps each week to propel you forward and create noticeable change, plus a clear path of progressive actions to create more of your vision.


discovery tools

My containers incorporate a mix of guided visualizations, journal prompts, custom practice recommendations, and more to help you truly connect to your desires, passion, and vision.

Sphere on Podium


I hold my clients accountable through the structure and consistency of my coaching containers, regular check-ins, and unlimited support and encouragement.

You will receive an email to schedule your free consult within 24 hours.

what Clients have to Say

jh (2).jpeg
Geri has made a huge impact in helping me shift my thought patterns, gain confidence, and learn how to be more self-compassionate.  She partnered with me to set goals and helped me create a roadmap to meet them, all while cheering me on along the way! Her open minded, honest approach really encouraged me to open up and get a better sense of what I want out of life, both personally and professionally. I truly enjoyed working with her and recommend her to anyone looking to make improvements in themselves.

Jessica H.

Who I Work With...

My clients include...

  • Successful professionals suffering from burnout, anxiety, or feeling unfulfilled 

  • Dreamers who want to finally take the leap and create their vision

  • People who feel lost, stuck or unmotivated

  • Those navigating difficult decisions or major life changes

  • Those who want to LOVE their life


Working with Geri really helped me move forward on my path. She is kind, supportive and a very intuitive coach. She helped me balance my personal development goals with my business goals and offered great resources and tools. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for support on their journey.

Kim (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Kim Kogane

Host of The Floating Experiment

How private Coaching Works + What's Included

We'll work together in 3-month or 6-month containers to create internal and external transformation in your life and work.

  • 12 or 24 weekly one-hour coaching sessions

  • Email, voice note, and text support between sessions

  • Weekly accountability check-ins and support

  • Post-session summary notes and resources

  • Custom journal prompts, exercises and practices 


You will receive an email to schedule your free consult within 24 hours.

"Signing up with Geri as my coach was one of the best decisions I could ever make in my professional career. She not only provided me with the tools and advice I need to independently commit to my goals and consistently take action, but instilled in me mindset skills to help me overcome limiting beliefs and become a better version of myself in order for me to step into this new role as a business owner and coach. I am taking confident leaps in the right direction and I would not otherwise be where I am today if it wasn't for Geri's support. With that said, Geri's coaching and the support will light your soul on fire, her coaching will imprint on your soul for a lifetime I guarantee you that."

DSC_0439 (3).JPG

Charlene Valentine,

Nutritionist & Coach

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