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The catalyst

A private 12-week life coaching program for visionaries, creators, and dreamers to step into your power, detox your blocks, and create a life and work you love.


This one's for you

Visionaries, Dreamers, Creatives

Imagine waking up to a life and work you love. How would it feel to go to sleep at night feeling fulfilled, happy, and excited about tomorrow? To know that you've finally listened to your heart's calling and are doing your part to create what you want?

What if I told you that Freedom can be created from the inside-out, the keys to Fulfillment already exist within you, and your vision is realistic regardless of what the voices in your head say. 


The catalyst private life coaching program is an advanced transformative container that helps visionaries, creatives, and dreamers like you expand into possibility, get out of your own way, and create what you truly want.

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lasting transformation

This 12-week journey serves as a powerful catalyst for lasting change. Through this program you will learn to...

  • Get out of your own way and navigate fear and doubt.

  • Act on that gnawing feeling that you're meant for something more.

  • Stop feeling directionless and unsure, and start moving forward with clarity and confidence.

  • Deeply connect with and believe in a vision that brings passion and excitement to your life.

  • Release the weight of what has been holding you back.

  • Stop just thinking about it and start taking real, needle-moving action to create change in your life.

  • Free yourself from your wheel of stagnant habits and patterns of thought.

  • Develop a devotion to your vision with consistency and commitment.

If you're ready to initiate the next chapter of your life for once and for all, book your pressure-free discovery call today.

How the catalyst Works + What's Included

The Catalyst is a private, highly customized life coaching container where you will be guided through a five-part transformation via...

  • 12 one-hour private coaching sessions

  • Weekly practices, exercises, and action items

  • Unlimited text, email & voice note support

  • Access to The Catalyst framework digital platform

  • Bonus: 3-month actionable roadmap

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The 5-part 

1 / the vision

Create and deeply connect to what you truly want in life. Align on what's next for you on the path to your vision, whether it's a change in career, sharing your art, traveling the world, or having lots of space for rest and self-care. There is no desire too big or too small for this program.

2 / getting in belief

Navigate the stories, fears and limiting beliefs holding you back. Remove mental blocks. Learn how to move through your limiting thoughts to emerge empowered, confident, and courageous enough to make your vision happen.

3 / the roadmap

Build a strategic pathway to what you want. Understand your long-term approach and current, clearly-defined plan of action to make your vision your reality.

4 / release

Identify and let go of what no longer serves you or your vision. Create space to actively create and welcome in what you truly want.

5 / devotion

Choose your vision completely and gain the consistency, commitment and resilience required to continue creating a life you love long after the program ends.

coaching & support for your mind, body & soul

In addition to guiding you through The Catalyst framework, this program offers a balanced mix of coaching and support that leaves no part of you behind, including pro-level pep talks, radical curiosity, transformative mindset coaching, and strategic path-building.


mindset coaching

We work with existing thought patterns and beliefs to create new neural pathways in your brain that better align with the experience you want to have with your world.


intuitive insight

As a certified reiki healer, trained intuitive, and attuned coach, I am able to better see you and meet you where you're at. I am committed to connecting you with your truth.


deep support

I hold deep space for my clients, providing a safe container to feel your truth, be with the emotions you may not otherwise connect with, and move through what's present for you.


path building

Receive actionable steps each week to propel you forward and create noticeable change, plus a clear path of progressive actions to create more of your vision.


discovery tools

My containers incorporate a mix of guided visualizations, journal prompts, custom practice recommendations, and more to help you truly connect to your desires, passion, and vision.



I hold my clients accountable through the structure and consistency of my coaching containers, regular check-ins, and unlimited support and encouragement.

what Clients have to Say

"Working with Geri has been nothing short of life changing for me. Between owning three businesses, having a family, and juggling everyday life, to say I was drowning would be an understatement. Geri taught me how to step back and evaluate where I was at, identify where I wanted to go and create the space I desperately needed to be able to focus on my goals. The work we did together has changed how I work and function completely. I have more time to work on strategies and the vision for my brand but also things that I enjoy.. my family and some fun! I’m eternally grateful for the work we did together."

Hillary Deshler - Multi-Salon Owner

about geri

Geri is a leader in the art of personal freedom and fulfillment and the creator of powerful catalysts for individual transformation.

She serves through her work as a freedom-focused entrepreneur, speaker, coach and highly curious being who has learned that when we follow our curiosity and inner knowing, we're led to what lights us up and propels us forward.


Using her high-impact Business Firestarter and Catalyst frameworks, Geri has helped hundreds of dreamers create a life and work they love.


"Signing up with Geri as my coach was one of the best decisions I could ever make in my professional career. She not only provided me with the tools and advice I need to independently commit to my goals and consistently take action, but instilled in me mindset skills to help me overcome limiting beliefs and become a better version of myself in order for me to step into this new role as a business owner and coach. I am taking confident leaps in the right direction and I would not otherwise be where I am today if it wasn't for Geri's support. With that said, Geri's coaching and the support will light your soul on fire, her coaching will imprint on your soul for a lifetime I guarantee you that."

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Charlene Valentine,

Nutritionist & Coach

frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?

Book a pressure-free discovery call with Geri to learn more about the program, share your wants and needs, and determine if it's a fit.

Who is this program for?

This program is intended for visionaries, dreamers and creative beings who want to design a life in alignment with their vision and desires. They're done following the expected "normal" progression of life, done spending most of their life doing work they don't love, done not having enough time or energy for what lights them up, and absolutely done with knowing they want more but not doing anything about it.


What if I don't know if I have a vision, I just want change?

There is no desire too big or too small for this program. Whether your vision is to change the world through your work, start creating art to share or keep private, travel the world on a year-long adventure, or live a daily life of happiness, wellness, and peace, The Catalyst can support you.

When can I start?

There are 5 spots open Jan - March 2023. All Catalyst clients will kick off in January and must join before Jan. 31, 2023 to be included in this quarter's program.

What's the investment?

We encourage you to book a pressure-free discovery call to fully understand the program before considering investment options. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted. If you'd like to learn more about investment options prior to booking your call, send us a note.

ready to change your life? ready for your catalyst?

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