Life Alignment Coaching

It’s time to actively design your life to be what you want. Work with your coach to align your work, habits, relationships and mindset with what brings you joy. 

This Is How You Design Your Life

Our time working together in Life Alignment Coaching is meant to best serve you in designing the life that you want.


It’s your time to gain focus and clarity, access consistent motivation, and commit to the actions that will get you where you want to be.


When I work with my clients, every session is tailored to your unique needs, goals and desires. 


While every session will be custom, you can expect to experience the following:

Transformation Coach, Geri Paige Butner


We’ll get down to the bottom of what it is you truly want in life. You know, the things that you’re reluctant to even share with people because they're so important to you but feel so out of reach. Then, we’ll create actionable goals and a strategy to achieve them. You will gain clarity on exactly what you want and how you’re going to make it happen.


A key factor in staying motivated is knowing why you want something and how to work through all the things holding you back from achieving it. Self-limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, societal programming hammered into your brain since childhood - these are all things that make you feel like you shouldn’t want it, can’t do it or don’t deserve it. And we’re going to mow through them, leaving a clear path for you to keep on dreaming and achieving.


A strategy without consistent action is just a dream. We’ll build a clear roadmap of actions towards your goals and you’ll have me holding you accountable. Our sessions are your weekly fire starter, providing you with the motivation, mindset and plan needed to make more progress in less time. We’ll find the rhythm that works for you, balancing productivity and “doing” with self-care and “being.”


The distractions of modern life are exceptionally detrimental to our focus and progress towards goals. We’ll find the time management, organization and operations tools and practices that keep you on track in a style best suited for you. You will learn how to keep the promises that you make to yourself and enjoy the process of doing it.

Life Coaching Is Right For You If...

You want a change...

  • Everything in your life looks great on paper, but there’s something missing.

  • You aren’t happy with your current career, job, habits, or relationships but really want to be.

  • You find you’re constantly run down without any energy, motivation or excitement about life.

  • Your work-life balance isn’t sustainable and you need a solution.

  • You feel like you're living your life out of alignment with what you want, and it’s time to get back on track.

You have a goal...

  • You have a dream for your life, but don't have clarity on how to make it your reality. 

  • You have goals for yourself and want help staying focused, making progress and having fun while doing it.

  • You've been working towards a goal without the results you want. 

You need direction...

  • You don’t know what you want out of life but want to find clarity and go after it.

  • You need help making a tough decision or determining what’s next for you.

  • You want to love your life but have no idea how it’s possible.

  • You want to tap into your inner knowing and truly discover what brings you joy.

If any of this resonates with you, then you've come to the right place. 

Book your free consult today to explore 1:1 coaching with me and learn more about my three-month and six-month programs.

Life Alignment Coaching

3-month and 6-month coaching engagements include:

  • Weekly one-hour coaching sessions

  • Unlimited email access

  • Prioritized action items and roadmaps

  • Weekly accountability check-ins

  • Post-session recaps and resources

  • Unlimited in-session content reviews

  • Digital access to your roadmap and strategy documents

Stop Passively Experiencing Your Life and Start Actively Living It

I remember the exact moment when I realized my life was a cycle of eating, working, screen escaping, drinking and sleeping on repeat. 


It’s what some call an awakening - the moment when you realize you’ve been passively experiencing your life in a dreamlike haze vs. actively living it and designing it to be what you want it to be.


That moment of realization is transformative.


But here’s the thing. Once you awaken to a desire to break the zombie-like cycle, it’s up to you to do the work and commit to the transformation in order for anything to change for you, internally or externally.


Maybe you’ve already had that moment of realization.


Maybe you’re already experiencing the dis-ease of knowing there’s more for you in the life. Perhaps you’re already taking steps to make change and steer yourself towards what you want.


Whether you’ve had your awakening or not, this is a chance to become aware of the figurative chains you’ve been wearing - with habits that don’t serve you, relationships that cause you pain, work that drains you, or thoughts that hold you back - and break free of them.


This is your chance to empower yourself with the mindset, tools, motivation and accountability needed to step into a life aligned with what you want. 


So, right here, right now, I challenge you to take the first step towards that life. 


Book a free consult to have a no-strings-attached conversation with me about how we can design the life you want.

Take the first step today. Let's talk.