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It’s nice to meet you. I’m so glad you’re here.


It took me a decade of adulthood to realize that my life was work, eat, drink, sleep, and digital escape on repeat. I had what I was told I should want - the six-figure salary as a corporate leader, an active social life, a nice apartment in a major city - but I was still unhappy. 

I woke up to the possibilities in life on a retreat in Bali, Eat Pray Love style. And from that moment on, I put myself in the driver’s seat of my life and started designing it to be exactly what I wanted. For me, this meant making the decisions and building the habits that made me healthy, happy, growth-oriented and free. 


It was then that I also realized it was time to pursue a secret lifelong dream.

It was time to start my own business.


Leveraging more than a decade of experience launching and growing startups, leading marketing initiatives at major corporations, and building business strategies in boardrooms, I designed my own framework for launching and growing, and The Business Firestarter was born.


Now I get to help people launch a small business they love without overwhelm or struggle, setting them down the path to freedom and flexibility. I love my work.

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The Fun Stuff

  • I'm mom to an all-white floofy feline named Princess Fiona III.

  • I'm a Human Design Manifestor 6/2. Suffice it to say my love for firestarting runs deep.

  • I’m a wildly organized and detail-oriented Virgo Sun (Leo Rising, Gemini Moon). And my programs are just as organized.

  • I'm passionate about holistic wellness, clean eating and caring for body, mind, and spirit.

  • I decided to go 100% sober in August 2020 and love my alcohol-free lifestyle.

What they say...

She will be the light in your life that you didn’t know you needed!

- Melissa K.

I am constantly in awe of Geri's brilliance and generosity.

- Allison T.

Geri is kind, confident, creative and intelligent. Her energy is certainly contagious and you can feel the impact immediately!

- Cory C.

I love that Geri is both practical and soulful in her approach, which for me is a game-changer.

- Alessandra M.

It's clear that Geri has it all - the experience, the moxy and the kindness. I would recommend her to anyone starting their own business!

- Lauaren M.

Looking for a Breakthrough in Your Business or Personal Life?

Book a 90-Minute Breakthrough Session

When you book a Breakthrough Session, you're giving yourself the gift of 90 minutes of uninterrupted intentional focus on designing and upleveling in work or life.

“I was interested in a Breakthrough Session with Geri because for a while I have been feeling stuck professionally and wanted to explore ways of shifting my habits and mindset to allow for a positive change.


Geri provided me with a collaborative execution plan, exercises and the tools needed for me to keep up the excitement and motivation for change. More importantly, I have a greater outlook on my professional and personal paths, a new found confidence and sense of belief in myself. I came out of the session feeling inspired for action and Geri empowered me to be my biggest advocate for change.


The fire has been lit and the Breakthrough Session gave me what I need to keep the blaze going!”


Cory Cedrone

Customer Success Manager

“I was facing a long list of “first steps” to take in order to start my business, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I knew a breakthrough session could help me get clarity, but honestly Geri’s approach did more than that for me!

After our session, I felt like a thick veil had been lifted off my eyes. Geri helped me gain so much clarity and set actions that felt so aligned it was so easy to work on them.


Geri was able to shift my mindset from “overcomplicating things” to doing the easy little steps that are actually able to bring the first clients to my coaching business.


I felt so grounded and empowered after my breakthrough session. I recommend one to anyone wanting to take things to the next level in a way that feels aligned and efficient.”

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Alessandra Moon

Life & Empowerment Coach

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