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9 Unique Gifts They’ll Love That Also Support Small Businesses

What if you could give a wow-worthy gift and support a small business at the same time?

Gifts that Support Small Business

So you need to buy a gift for someone, and you want it to be special.

You’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find nine wonderfully unique gifts offered by small business owners in my own network.

When you choose to give one or more of these gifts, you’ll not only give a really special gift, you’ll also support small businesses after a wildly challenging 2020. Two birds, one stone, am I right?

What does it even mean for a gift to be “special” after all?

To me, the perfect gift is unique, meaningful and impactful.

When a gift is unique, it’s one that surprises people, in a good way. They definitely didn’t see it coming and they may have not known this type of gift even existed. Unique gifts trigger genuine joy and surprise, and the recipient will know for certain that you put a lot of thought and consideration into the purchase.

And it just so happens that the perfect way to find a unique gift is to shop with small businesses to find services and products you can’t get on Amazon or in big box stores.

Gifts are meaningful when they’re aligned with your loved one’s interests, values, wants or needs. It’s an experience or item that they might personally connect with more than others would because of the tie to their own preferences.

Beautiful artwork, for example, goes from unique and impactful to also meaningful when it’s by an artist the person loves, purchased in one of their favorite locations, or when it depicts an image that is important to them.

Gifts are impactful when they create a lasting impression or lead to an improvement in your loved one’s life. Art, for example, can improve people’s lives through the daily pleasure they feel when they look at it in their home. A coaching session, online course or reading can all positively impact your loved one through self-discovery, healing and knowledge gained.

The point is, if your gift is making a positive difference in the recipient’s life, it’s an impactful one.

So, take a look at the nine gifts from small businesses below and see if you can find the perfect unique, meaningful and impactful gift while shopping small this season.

Note that some of these small businesses primarily do business through social media, others through websites, and some through both. You can find website and social links below each description.

Life Coach Geri Paige

Breakthrough Coaching Session

with Geri Paige Butner - $$

Geri is a Life Alignment and Business Launch Coach specializing in helping people transform their lives and work into what brings them joy. These 90-minute breakthrough sessions will help your loved one achieve clarity, set clear goals and unblock any self-limiting beliefs. They’ll walk away with a concrete one-month action plan and a clear vision for how they’ll achieve their goals.

Instagram | Website

Allison Tanenhaus

Dreamy Abstract Glitch Art Prints

by Allison Tanenhaus - $

Allison specializes in abstract geometrics, vibrant color fields, optical perspectives, playful patterns, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Created with equal parts deliberation and experimentation, her rainbow-hued, fantastical compositions take on a psychedelic life of their own.

Instagram | Website

Amy Miller Healing Haus Boston

Distance Reiki Session

with Amy Miller of HealingHaus - $

Each session includes a meditation, a 30-minute distance reiki session and then a brief chat about what came up energetically. You can expect to feel deeply relaxed and more connected to yourself with some resonant messages to consider.

Instagram | Website

Jess Della Calce Human Design

Human Design Reading

with Jess Della Calce - $$

Jess guides you as you play with what it feels like to stop giving your power and energy away and to start trusting yourself. Based on your design specifics, you’ll learn to turn down the volume from the outside world to tune into how you make decisions.

Instagram | Website

Julia Rue Art

Oil & Light Paintings

by Julia Rue - $$ and up

Julia Rue is an emerging visual artist who dances between the worlds of art and technology. She explores the physics of color and light through her stunning oil paintings that are at the same time light sculptures.

Instagram | Website

Stephanie Haus of Ahava Resin Art

Resin Art Coasters & Trays

by Stephanie of Haus of Ahava - $

Stephanie uses resin to make coasters, jewelry dishes, trays, and more. Custom commissions are also available. A beautiful gift while supporting an artist with a passion for helping other women who struggle with PTSD and anxiety and survivors of sexual assault.

Instagram | Website

Melissa Kerner Wild and Rooted

A Cyclical Exploration: Newsletter + Tarot

by Melissa Kerner - $

A one-month weekly newsletter exploring how the phases of the menstrual cycle, moon cycle, and seasons align - including herbs, tea blends, and journal prompts to best support each phase. The course starts Jan. 1st and will also include a weekly personal tarot reading to help guide you through this journey.


Maria Katherine Botanical Art Calendar

Botanical Art Calendar

by Maria Katharine - $

Maria Katharine’s botanically-themed 2021 art calendar features hand-drawn seasonal illustrations inspired by herbalism & floristry. Printed in an easy-to-display poster format, they make a great addition to any plant-loving home… no watering required. ;)

Instagram | Website

David Louis Marino

Holiday Improv Party

with David Louis Marino - $$$$

Think you can't have an office party this year? Improv is the perfect way to have fun, let off steam and reconnect like pre-COVID days.


Price Key

$ = Under $100 | $$ = $100-$250 | $$$ = $250-$500 | $$$$ = $500+

If you have any questions about any of the gifts above, please feel free to reach out to the small business via one of the contact links provided.

A perk of purchasing from a small business - you’ll be speaking directly with the owner and creator instead of sitting on a customer service line.

Like these gifts? Want to support small business? Please share the link to your social media channels to help spread the word!

Happy Gifting!

Geri Paige Butner is a business launch and life alignment coach who offers one-on-one coaching, group courses and 90-min breakthrough sessions. If you're looking to start or grow your own business or better align your life and work with what makes you happy, book your free consult now.