The Business Firestarter

Group Coaching Program

This Group Coaching Program is all about kickstarting change in your life and giving you the tools to start, grow or uplevel your business.

Are You Ready to Start or Grow Your Business?

This program is for new and intermediate coaches, consultants, healers, artists and visionaries who are ready to go for it in business and in life. 🚀

Milestones we work towards include:

 ➡️ Launching (or rebranding) your business with a clearly defined purpose.

 ➡️ Getting your first (or next big) client.

 ➡️ Growing to your first $3k, $5k or $10k+ month.

 ➡️ Upleveling and bringing new efficiency and balance to your business.


Like any change in life, starting or growing our business can feel overwhelming.


We tend to get stuck playing out the same loops in our day-to-day that make it difficult to set aside the time and intentional thought to make our vision our reality.


What's more, our minds can often get the best of us with self-limiting beliefs, fears and subconscious programming. 

This program breaks the loops you're trapped in, shakes up self-limiting beliefs and transforms both your inner and outer worlds.


It helps you get unstuck so you can finally make the shifts in your business and life that you truly want. ⭐️

Along with a group of other motivated dreamers, you’ll get motivated and equipped to finally go after your business milestones, whether it's launching, landing your next big dream client or growing to a five-figure month.


This program is highly impactful for gaining clarity on, building a foundation for and executing on business goals, in addition to reinvigorating and rebalancing your personal life.

This is your Business Firestarter. 🔥

This is what ignites you to get started, change your inner world, build your foundation, create your business plan and then make it happen.


Are you ready to go for it?


The Next Business Firestarter
Coming August 2021

Group Program Agenda

Segment 1: Build Your Foundation


Mindset Mastery

Overcome fear, imposter syndrome and self-limiting beliefs for an entrepreneurial mindset.


Brand Exercise

Dream big and define a strong vision, brand and messaging that aligns with your purpose.


Business Plan

Gain clarity on the offerings, pricing and milestones that will set you up for success in achieving your goals.

Segment 2: Prepare to Launch & Monetize


The Money Game

Kickstart a two-month challenge that helps you achieve your financial and client acquisition goals.


Network Launch

Whether it's launching the business or your new campaign, prepare to launch it to your network.

Segment 3: Make Marketing Simple



Dive into tactics and channels that will make it easy for your customers to find you. 


Marketing Funnel

Define your channels and develop a full-funnel strategy to find, engage and convert clients.

Segment 4: Achieve Success


Create & Commit

Tools and practices to help you continue to execute on your plan with balance and energy.


Breakthrough Week

Identify any areas where you’re still holding back and dive in for an impactful business breakthrough.


Attract Success

Beliefs and practices that will make all of your hard work pay off even more.

Group Program Details

This is a 10-week container that features a mix of live sessions, self-guided exercises, and group support. 

What's Included:

 ✅ 10 weeks of guidance and support

 ✅ Live weekly 1.5 hour group sessions, including Q&A

 ✅ Access to session recordings

 ✅ Weekly "homework" exercises to integrate each week's theme

 ✅ Pairing with an accountability partner

 ✅ Network with your group members via private Facebook Group


I could have muddled about for a year trying to figure out all the steps I needed to launch my small business, and still not have gotten everything done. As they say, you don't know what you don't know. Instead I was up and running in 3 months!

Well worth being part of my start-up costs, because now I'm booking clients that much sooner.


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Jennifer Fortunato

The Soul Foundry

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