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Private Coaching.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

I apply transformational mindset coaching, practical tools & exercises, strategic pathway building, and mindfulness practices to help you live deeply, navigate challenges, and create your vision-driven milestones.

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Private Sessions

The Reclamation Hour

A 60-minute session to initiate a reclamation of your time, energy, and audacity. Clear out space, reduce overwhelm, and restore your vitality to be and do well. This is a powerful reset that feels like a deep exhale.

Decision-Making Session

Invite in clarity with this 60-minute session that reduces the mental and energetic drain of making big decisions. We’ll use powerful tools, practices, and coaching to guide you towards clarity and acceptance.

Custom Coaching Session

A 60-minute life and/or business coaching session focused on helping you live your moments and create your milestones. Common uses include gaining clarity, navigating fear and limitations, and creating action plans.

Private Pathways

These are life-changing transformational coaching containers where you are guided through a custom pathway to create what you want in life and work.

The Reclamation

A 6-week coaching pathway to take back your vitality and peace. Create more space for yourself, get organized, and balance your doing and being for a life-changing foundational reset.

The Catalyst

A 12-week coaching pathway to step into your power, detox your mental blocks, and start creating more of what you want and need in life and work.

The Business Firestarter

A 24-week business coaching pathway for those who want to start or grow a vision-driven, service-based business you love. This 13-step framework leaves no part of you or your business behind.

Interested in a Private Coaching Pathway?

Complete the coaching pathway interest form to schedule your complimentary discovery call.



Geri is available to consult with corporate and startup clients on projects related to:


  • Reclaiming Your Now

  • Enhancing Creativity and Productivity

  • Time and Energy Management

  • Mindset Mastery

  • Preventing Overwhelm & Burnout

  • Strategic Pathway Building

To inquire about organizational consulting please contact me



Choose from three signature workshops or inquire about custom workshops to meet your team’s needs.

The “Now” Experiment

The Power of Now to Unlock More Creativity, Productivity & Joy

Unblock Yourself

6 Steps to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs 

The Reclamation 

Take Back Your Time, Energy & Audacity

To book a workshop, contact me or complete the workshop interest form.


For all other inquiries, please contact me.

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